APT Testing and Research Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as National Toxicology Centre) is a Pune based testing laboratory which provides services for toxicity testing to a wide range of industries. With Over 20 years of experience we provide quality toxicity testing to different clients.




                         (Formerly known as National Toxicology Centre)….
APT Testing and Research Pvt. Ltd. (ATR) - a pre-clinical testing laboratory, located in Pune, Maharashtra, India, was established in August 1993. ATR is spread over 6000 sq. ft which is fully furnished with modern testing facilities having CPCSEA approved animal testing and breeding facility with Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) for toxicity testing on laboratory animals. ATR has well equipped labs and specialized personnel for Preclinical studies. We have facilities for acute toxicity, Sub-acute toxicity, Genotoxicity, Eco-toxicity, Animal Tissue culture, Microbiology, Biocompatibility, Molecular biology and Pharmacological testing.

We serve diverse industries such as Medical Devices, Surgical industries, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Neutraceuticals, Pharmaceutical packaging industries, Chemical industries, Pesticides manufactures and other several industries. These industries need to evaluate their products for assessment of safety for regulatory submissions and research.

More about us

We are specialized in preclinical toxicity testing which involves acute, sub-acute, sub-chronic and chronic toxicity testing.

We are specialized for testing of materials which include Eco- toxicity, Biocompatibility, Genotoxicity and other tests indicated as per ISO 10993, USP, OECD, IP, IS, EPA, FDA, EU etc.

Experienced in testing of 10,000+ products.

We are trusted by world's leading companies

We are trusted for toxicity testing and preclinical testing by various leading industries in Medical devices, Pharmaceutical industries, Agrochemical industries etc.